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Ruby Sapphire- Reaffirm

Become aware of where you are, how you are. You have chosen this place and this moment.


Your thoughts and actions lead you, the best, is to be aware of it.


The Ruby sapphire with its intense color reminds you of the heartbeat of the Earth's core, everything is alive and you have arrived here with the beat of your life. Your feet are on the ground, feel how that vital energy moves from your feet, gives you the strength to walk, to be aware of the value of your life, a reflection of a higher consciousness in each of your steps.


Where are you heading to? You are the one who should be able to respond, life will show you the next steps.


Awareness of your present, awareness of your choices and, now, reaffirm your direction, nothing is more decisive in your destiny. Now you participate with awareness, responsibility and freedom.

Zafiro naranja.png

Orange Sapphire - Joy

It is the sapphire of pleasure.


Delight breaks down barriers. Access the senses of your body with your power. Nothing to oppress, nothing that holds down the pleasure that flows in your body.


The orange sapphire separates the retaining walls. It is the natural physical capacity, without the mind intervention, it is free fusion, from the pores of your skin to all the channels of your vital energy to enjoy.


Without the active capacity for joy, there is no connection to the body and to your emotions. Allowing yourself pleasure brings down the false limitations of separation with the Whole. And, at the same time, it does not invade, nor annul the other person in relationships.


It is satisfaction. There is no frustration or emptiness. It does not impose or invade. It is the full and satisfactory fusion

Zafiro amarillo.png

Yellow Sapphire - Realign

The yellow sapphire is a direct connection to your solar plexus. Everything in the plexus is direct, there are no filters, it is emotional movement, which also rotates in your physical body, sometimes dividing and, on other occasions, trapping. Those are also your reactions, so it is necessary to realign.


Everything is in order because everything is perfect for your progress, but, at the precise moment of realignment, the progress is real. You integrate what you've learned and push yourself to the next step of being able to see your attachments.


Being able to decide to realign is now the indispensable phase of growth and personal improvement.


The awakening begins in emotional management.


The yellow sapphire is golden light to see from your upper dimension, the place above from what catches your attention.


And, now, realign your personal power, for your will in personal and spiritual development.

Zafiro rosa.png

Pink Sapphire- Unlearning

The pink sapphire shows you that, in your heart, there is, from the very first beat, the teaching of all times, all that you have lived as an incarnated being.


The origin is light and love, all the beauty of the pink sapphire reminds you of what you already know, what you have not had to learn and invites you to unlearn everything that does not allow you to be, in essence.


Unlearning to be yourself, with all your innate abilities and, the greatest of them all, the ability to feel.


To feel is to connect with what you already know within yourself. Feeling offers you everything you are. You unfold yourself to the beats of life and with who you are. Unlearn who you are not.

Zafiro verde.png

Green Sapphire - Decree

The sound of your voice, the sound of your breathing, are vibration from your inner world to the world that is before you.


The energy ascends from your root, Hara, Plexus and Heart, to find the door that opens in your throat.


The green sapphire heals the knots and blocks, everything that shakes you, everything that excites you and everything you feel now becomes sound. The expression is genuine, it can no longer, nor should, be repressed or contained.


Your voice is necessary for the Heavens to hear everything you have silenced, all that is necessary to express. Liberation that empties everything that is old, and leaves room for renovation and healing.


Now, your words are to decree your desires.

Zafiro azul 3.png

Blue Sapphire - Undertake

This is the time and place, Heaven has shown it to you.


You can see that you are in the first step, the perfect blue shade of the sapphire lets you see the horizon.


Now your Being, and from the focus energy of your Third Eye, just see that one direction.


The indispensable attitude is of present attention and future projection.


The illusion without vertigo is at all times with you, to advance in what was written, that you were going to undertake and conquer.


You are your own leader.


The path opens and you advance illuminated by your light and inner strength.

Zafiro lila.png

Purple Sapphire - Transcend

You have reached the moment ... there are no questions, everything is answers, you are not looking, you have found it, nothing to look at and everything to observe.


The purple sapphire teaches you that you want to transform your limited mind, to the infinite possibilities that the transcendence of your decisions, your actions and your thoughts bring, to elevate them in this stage, in which you can observe the path traveled, and before flying.


Detach yourself from your traces of the past and open yourself to everything new, which your natural spirituality integrates into the Being, into your Being.


The connection with the sky of stars, when you leave the old transit of the past, and where you can see and appreciate each awakening reached. And now you understand, you want to see and transcend.

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